"I was very nervous to start with and unsure if I could talk to a stranger about my anxiety and depression. Inge guided me through a sometimes difficult journey and it became a very positive experience."

"Inge has a very calming presence. She enabled me to unpick a very complex series of thoughts and emotions and helped me to identify the reasons behind them. I ended the series of sessions feeling in control, empowered and happy - which were a set of feelings that I hadn’t felt in a long time and was worried I wouldn’t feel again."

"Having an independent person to talk to has been amazing. Working with Inge has finally allowed me to explore and express my true self. I’m so grateful and feel like a weight has been lifted."

"The best counsellor I’ve had, and I’ve had a few."

"Put me at my ease, nothing was too much for Inge."

"I couldn't have had a better person to council me. I never felt I was being judged by Inge. I learnt a lot about myself, found my calm place and processed everything that was going on in my head."

"My thoughts and feelings were like a tangled ball of wool, Inge helped me unravel them and get clarity."

"Inge gave me the care and compassion I needed to come to terms with my father’s death. It was a difficult process, but Inge was always patient, kind and understanding."


  • "It’s funny how I thought I’d missed the boat,
  • And I hadn’t realised I was a passenger all along.
  • That I worried about the need to play catch up,
  • When it was up to me to set the pace.
  • Concerned that I needed to put the needs of others first,
  • Yet leaving me behind was the greatest misfortune of my fate."

  • " - Through Inge’s careful counselling I have learned this valuable lesson, I aim to think this way no more."

    "A very professional and personable therapist who cares about the wellbeing of her patients."

    "I have felt very comfortable talking to Inge, and I was able to let go and put some traumatic experiences from my past behind me."

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